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Commercial Realtors – Advantages of Market Intelligence to Win Listings

When you look at a Commercial or Retail Property for the first time, it is essential to understand its potential from the perspective of the local area. All of this will involve market knowledge and market intelligence.In this tough property market, you cannot list a property incorrectly or adopt a poor strategy of sale or rental. Any mistakes made early in the listing and marketing campaign will destroy the enquiry and extend the time on market factors for the property owner.Today we find that each property will generate a limited amount of enquiry from qualified prospects. There is a very high value to be placed on the real estate agency that comprehensively controls and understands the local property market.The clients that seek to sell or lease their Commercial or Retail Property should really be choosing the agent with the dominant market share and the recognized ability to convert more sales and leases in the shortest possible time.

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To win more listings competitively in this property market the real estate agency should really be pitching their services to the new prospective client around the following factors. I call them the advantage factors:
The size and accuracy of their database of qualified prospects. As part of this process, it pays to show the client the relative nature of the database and the processes as to how it will be tapped for opportunity with the listing.
The numbers of signboards placed in the local area that help generate enquiry from the local investors and business proprietors. You can show the number of signboards that you have placed in the local area as a ratio compared to the other agencies.
Previous sales of quality properties locally will always generate significant numbers of qualified prospects. Maintaining contact with the people from previous campaigns will always help future business opportunity.
The time on market factors that apply with every listing will have relevance to your sales pitch. Show your new client the appropriate success factors of shorter time on market and successful price or rental outcome.
The experiences and the knowledge of the individual salesperson are of critical importance to each and every marketing campaign. Junior or cadet salespeople should not be exposed to the quality clients that come to your agency without the assistance of top performers. Remember that in this property market the sales and leasing process is not an experiment for the under achievers or inexperienced.

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The clients that you act for today need to see and feel your property knowledge and expertise. If you correctly connect with the client and convey the right message, discounts of marketing and commission will not be relevant to the listing process. It is very easy to show the client that discounts and shortcuts are not relevant in this property market; they only extend and frustrate the sale and marketing process. Do your clients want the frustration? I think not.The clients that you act for want a fair and reasonable outcome in selling or leasing in the shortest possible time. Show them that you are the correct choice of agent to resolve their property problem efficiently and quickly.